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Artist Management

Indian Artistes

The demands and requirements of local Indian artists are very different from international ones. Indian artists enjoy a revered space in the Indian mind. They’re accustomed to a certain level of service during artist management. We excel at managing Indian artists of all calibers from all regions of India.

International Acts

International acts require a great deal of logistics to be planned effectively. Artist management at the international level requires a certain amount of expertise. We’re adept at handling international artists of all calibers from anywhere across the globe.

Live Performing Musician

Managing acoustics, equipment etc is of utmost importance when managing live music acts. We are adept at all logistics pertaining to sound during live music events and at managing musicians performing live.

Comedy Shows

Comedy shows require good lighting and acoustics. The venue has to be able to accommodate the required number of guests. A green room is involved. We are experts at hosting comedy shows throughout the country managing both local and international talent.

Dance Shows

The lighting, stage, acoustics are all important during a dance show. Dance shows may be accompanied by live music or pre-recorded music. The requirements for each vary greatly. We’re well versed with managing dance shows be it Indian traditional, western classic or contemporary.

Arabian Entertainment

Wish to enthrall your audiences with firs acts or belly dancing acts? Contact Rendezvous. Be it belly dancing shows or other Arabian acts, we can manage to organize it all for you. Right from music, lighting to providing a green room, everything is taken care of by us.