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Events Management

Product Launch

Launching your product involves marketing strategy. A product launch is a carefully planned, scheduled sequence of events, designed to achieve brand visibility to drive sales goals. A properly planned product launch helps in reaching a set target audience with carefully planned execution. Rendezvous events are adept at launching products with a sharp creative idea, engineered to make your product reach the right people, at the right place and at the right time. We cover every corner, enabling 360 degree coverage.

Mall Activities

Mall activity is a highly effective marketing approach for consumer goods and services brands helping them reach right into the minds of the target audience. Organizing different activities with one key point will make the audience familiar with the brand. Rendezvous provides a wide array of mall activity concepts, helping you make your brand presence wider and more familiar.

Staff Party

“A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” A Staff party with a theme and many fun loving activities will create a good gathering environment and also make your employees familiar amongst themselves. The creative idea behind it works well with Rendezvous. We make your occasion a memorable one.

Team Building

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Team building comprises of various activities to enhance social relations within teams. It involves collaborative tasks and some game activity which indirectly enhance the performance rate of employees. Rendezvous motivates your people to work together with some amazing concepts every time. We conduct sessions in such a way that togetherness leads to happiness.


A formal inauguration ceremony or special event is your first step to begin with. Cutting a ribbon is a traditional way to inaugurate something and it will not spread awareness of your presence to others. With some social and meaningful themes, Rendezvous renders your occasion priceless. We are the people behind the voice that proudly announces your arrival to the market.

Tour Events

A happening tour event comprises of some meetings and conferences blended with a culture of travelling. To make it successful, it is necessary to have proper planning and time management. Based on your choices and expectations, Rendezvous schedules and organizes an offsite itinerary to make your destination events successful.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is a fully planned promotional activity, which makes companies interact with their customers. Various events such as concerts, fairs, sports etc, with some contest and entertainment, will help companies build a relationship with their customers. Rendezvous helps brands get 360 degree coverage services which places brands right at the center of the market.

Hotel Bookings

Timely, conveniently located hotel bookings are of utmost importance for the success of your event. If bookings are not made in time or aren’t flexible, it can create a problem for some of the attendees of the event, especially if they’re coming from out of town. We manage hotel bookings for your event. Depending on your requirement we determine the size and the offerings of the venue. We select the best hotel for your event depending on requirements such as audio visual requirements, seating capacity, number of guests to be invited etc.

Airlines Booking

Choosing the right airline for getting the attendees to the event is extremely important. Delays, layovers etc need to be accounted for while making bookings. We manage airline bookings for your event. Depending on the regions of the country or the world the guests are travelling from, the arrangements are made accordingly. All requirements such as in-flight meals etc are taken into consideration. Timings of layovers etc are taken into consideration so that all guests and artists make it to the event on time.

Transport Facility

Traffic can be a huge menace especially if your event is located in a big city. All transport arrangements must be made keeping the restrictions of intra-city travel in mind and the convenience of the passengers in mind. We provide transport facilities to our clients wherein we transport our clients to and from the event either by car, rail or bus. Depending on where the event is being held and where the clients are located we also transport them via flight, especially for inter-city and inter-country events.

Catering Services

For any event to be successful, the food has to be good. It is very important for the caterer to provide a fare that is inkeeping with the palate of the guests as well as the current food trends. We provide excellent catering services for all your events, as we know the importance of good food that matches the theme of the event.